But I have trusted in Your mercy;

My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation,

I WILL sing to the Lord,


Psalm 13:5  (Emphasis mine.)

I walked away. A little girl. 14. How could there be a God who has already put me through so much? Abuse. Extreme physical, mental, emotional, and most recently sexual. He took my Mother. Now, I live with my abuser. Where is God? I can’t see Him.

I walked to church, by myself. A fourteen year old. I loved Him. Believed in Him. Trusted Him.

Where was He?

I’ll make my own way. Men will love me when I give them my purity. I need to provide for myself, I will steal. I need to remain attractive to men. I will diet. I only weigh 115. But still I need to lose weight. I love food. I will just purge myself. I can’t do that. I just won’t eat. I can’t do that either. I’ll just live on diet pills.

Give me alcohol. I can’t have fun without it. Narcotics numb me. I fall in love with them. Addicted. Feeling unloved I take nine at a time. My thirteen year old sister hides them on me. One day I snort them. I’m surely going to die.

Pregnant. A dream come true. Surely I can turn my life around. I do. I am so in love.

Three months old baby almost dies. Life threatening illness.

No where to turn, I turn back to God. Begging. Bartering. Give this child his life back. Spare Him and I am Yours again. Committed. Yours.

I keep my word, when He saves my son.

Faith tested.

Fiance cheating. Son almost dies two more times.

What will I see? Where will I look?

I have life. My son has life. I have endured. I am saved. I am loved. I am an overcomer. He is my Strength. My life, though hard, is blessed beyond measure. I can see. I am not a victim, but a VICTOR!

Many mountains climbed. Fog so thick I could barely see. But I kept climbing. Refocusing. Set my Eyes on Him. Eyes FIXED on Him. Heart FIXED on Him. Mind FIXED on Him.

New Perspective.

HE HAS dealt BOUNTIFULLY with me.

And I praise Him.

Be encouraged, my friends. Fix your eyes, heart, and mind on the bounty. You’re a warrior. A victor. Proclaim it. Own it. LIVE IT!

You are loved beyond measure.

Psalm 29:11, John 3:30, Numbers 6:24-26




I will Your will


A daily reminder that I have surrendered my plans, dreams, and agenda for His. The ride is crazy beautiful, my faith ever-increasing.

Friends,  let go and let God!  He’s the most brilliant Author you’ll ever know.