My beautiful Daughter,
I love you. As you commit your ways to Me, the path ahead begins to get very steep. Know that this is because I am taking you out of the world, transforming and renewing you. You must also know My truth and My promise to go with you. So come, rest in Me. I invite you, I don’t force you. Learning comes through hardship, but don’t be discouraged, and certainly don’t give up! Fix your eyes, mind, and heart on My Presence so that other things don’t distract you and swallow you up. Go, for you are a chosen vessel of Mine. Bear My name, and I will give you strength, rest, peace, and joy fulfilled.

Love, Abba

Dear Abba,
I love You! You never cease to amaze me with the love in which You love me. Transform me. Renew my mind. I don’t need easy. I only need You. I will pursue Your Presence!
I love and trust You,

Samantha Grace Rouse

Acts 9:15, John 17:13, Matthew 11:28,29

Friends, may you be encouraged this day that you are not alone. God has chosen you! He has a great plan and purpose for you! Don’t be afraid. Go!! Only YOU can do it.



But I have trusted in Your mercy;

My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation,

I WILL sing to the Lord,


Psalm 13:5  (Emphasis mine.)

I walked away. A little girl. 14. How could there be a God who has already put me through so much? Abuse. Extreme physical, mental, emotional, and most recently sexual. He took my Mother. Now, I live with my abuser. Where is God? I can’t see Him.

I walked to church, by myself. A fourteen year old. I loved Him. Believed in Him. Trusted Him.

Where was He?

I’ll make my own way. Men will love me when I give them my purity. I need to provide for myself, I will steal. I need to remain attractive to men. I will diet. I only weigh 115. But still I need to lose weight. I love food. I will just purge myself. I can’t do that. I just won’t eat. I can’t do that either. I’ll just live on diet pills.

Give me alcohol. I can’t have fun without it. Narcotics numb me. I fall in love with them. Addicted. Feeling unloved I take nine at a time. My thirteen year old sister hides them on me. One day I snort them. I’m surely going to die.

Pregnant. A dream come true. Surely I can turn my life around. I do. I am so in love.

Three months old baby almost dies. Life threatening illness.

No where to turn, I turn back to God. Begging. Bartering. Give this child his life back. Spare Him and I am Yours again. Committed. Yours.

I keep my word, when He saves my son.

Faith tested.

Fiance cheating. Son almost dies two more times.

What will I see? Where will I look?

I have life. My son has life. I have endured. I am saved. I am loved. I am an overcomer. He is my Strength. My life, though hard, is blessed beyond measure. I can see. I am not a victim, but a VICTOR!

Many mountains climbed. Fog so thick I could barely see. But I kept climbing. Refocusing. Set my Eyes on Him. Eyes FIXED on Him. Heart FIXED on Him. Mind FIXED on Him.

New Perspective.

HE HAS dealt BOUNTIFULLY with me.

And I praise Him.

Be encouraged, my friends. Fix your eyes, heart, and mind on the bounty. You’re a warrior. A victor. Proclaim it. Own it. LIVE IT!

You are loved beyond measure.

Psalm 29:11, John 3:30, Numbers 6:24-26



Father Time, Time is the Fathers

My heart is filled with thanksgiving as I stand in my warm kitchen, making my youngest son his favorite egg dish. I take a moment to look out the window over the wintry landscape. The brown deer running up the hill, along the deep tree line, stands out against the white fallen snow. I am so thankful to live where I do.
My mouth opens in praise as I thank God for providing our home, the land it sits on, the wildlife that shares it with us, as well as the family who owns it and that have adopted us as their own. I praise God for having not only heard my prayers, but for being so attentive to my heart to also provide the things of His creation that I most adore. I began to speak of His overwhelming grace, and give thanks that my name, Samantha Grace, is a constant reminder of how abundant grace is in my life. I open my heart to receive this great gift He bestows to me.
But as I stood in praise, thanks, and grace, I also confessed how I want to live more for Him. I began praying, “God, please forgive me, and help me to redeem the time. Help me to manage my time better.” My lips were silenced as I softly and gently heard, “It’s not YOUR time.” My prayers and confession immediately changed.
I know this to be truth. Many times I have surrendered all to Him, and many times, one by one, He unveils areas in my life that I falsely believe to be surrendered. Time, is His. HE called me here for good works and purpose. (Ephesians 2:10) I don’t desire to walk around in my own will, wasting precious time. I want to be completely consumed in His will, redeeming HIS time.
I encourage you to step back a moment and ask God to reveal if you are redeeming His time, or taking it all for self.

Gods time

Always in love and encouragement,

The search is over


I’ve searched, oh how I’ve searched. Purpose, where are you? Meaning, will you please reveal yourself to me?! I’ve studied journalism, early childhood education, forensics, criminal justice, sociology, philosophy. I’ve worked, I’ve searched. I prayed and begged for motherhood, surely that would give me purpose. So why then am I still searching?

Because I am overlooking, or maybe perhaps, UNDER-looking. My sight is shallow.

We all desire to find our purpose. The problem is we believe in purpose as a title, a position, a career. We seek meaning, looking in each corner of the earth, but we don’t look up. Purpose and meaning can be found when we look to the Creator. HE is our purpose. Meaning can not reveal itself, but God can reveal meaning.

He’s opened my eyes. I now see that meaning-is loving. That purpose-is loving. We all have work to do. My work is to be a Mom. My work is to write-to share the good news-the glory of God. My work is to do unto the least of these. My work is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work.

My eyes are open. I’ve removed idols. I’ve stopped asking for meaning to reveal itself to me, and asked God to do so. Do you know what He said? “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

When we do that, everything else becomes meaningful. We have and recognize purpose. When we live according to our purpose, ALL things are possible.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

Lord, I love you. I will love others as You have loved me! Thank you for opening my eyes to true purpose. You are glorious and I give you ALL honor and praise. You are worthy! Amen.

Encouraging Scripture: Matthew 19:26, 22:37, 25:40, John 4:34, 13:34, 15:13

We’re all colors in a rainbow

It is August 7th, 2011 and I sit in the sun-room of my old apartment, inquiring of God what His plan is for my life. That day I wrote in my journal pages, “traveling” and “missionary.” Both have question marks next to them. I wrote those words in my infancy. My heart has always loved travel and people. Why those question marks? As the infant I asked, “Is this self talking, or God answering?” Today I know.

In one month I will be leaving the States and heading to Managua, Nicaragua on my first mission. I am ecstatic that God has divinely willed for my life such awesome plans. The desire is in my heart because it was placed there! Ephesians 2:10 talks about the “good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” I am delighted, honored, and humbled to walk in the purpose of my calling. I am thankful to be allowed to share my light.
You can share yours too, right where you are!

In honor of my mission and yours…

I was made as a light,
Meant to shine bright.
Walking a path,
With many persons to pass.
They are lights like me,
Struggling to see.
In my path for a reason,
If only for a season.
If I dim my light,
We’re all left in black of night.
But, if I fan my flame
They may know why I came.
To share the good news,
We’re all bright shining hues.
Meant to share,
And not to compare.
We’re all needed,
As not to be defeated.
Let’s create a light show
And glow bright like a rainbow!