No where to turn but to You

Lost in a world I don’t belong, I’d sought for pleasure and sought for peace
And where I looked, temporary was found
Nothing seemed to stick around.
Things I gained, things I loved, rapid changes, loss and pain
Oh how tired the chase made me.
Until I was lost in the darkest of seas.
With nowhere to turn I had to look up, but when I looked up, was directed within
to a hardened dark place that my heart used to be
I praise You my constant for ever-changing me.

Continue to “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10


“I can’t breathe”

“I can’t breathe,” the police are on my back
won’t leave me alone, it’s cause I’m black.
I didn’t do nothing, yet they’re out here again,
claiming I’m criminal, wanna take me in.
“I can’t breathe,” they’re holding me down,
head smashed to the pavement, in my own town.
Family is watching, my neighbors too,
helpless we are, there’s nothing to do.
“I can’t breathe,” I cry out, with barely a voice
It’s cause I’m black, and not by choice.
Too many brothers been locked away,
The new Jim Crow, taking it’s place each day.
“I can’t breathe,” locked up in my cell,
A cage ain’t no place for a man to dwell.
Protect and serve they claimed as their oath,
But not street people and the brotherhood both.
They’ll lie, cheat, and steal to protect their name.
Yes, some police kill without any shame.
“I can’t breathe,” in a system holding me down,
It’s unjust how they watch the black people drown.
Filling those high walls with the poor minorities,
“I can’t breathe,” won’t someone listen, please!!

I encourage you, “Let your gentleness be known to ALL men…” Philippians 4:5

In memory of Eric Garner and his beloved family.

I Can’t Breathe

Overcome the World

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you WILL have tribulation; BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.” John 16:33 (emphasis mine)

This season is easily eluded with storms that blind the eyes, and frost that covers the heart. We see youth dying, love ending, families broken. Easily absorbed in the midst of brokenness we miss the joy and promises of an unending love. We have the power to overcome the pain because a loving Father sent His Son to overcome tribulation on our behalf. In our weakness, He is strong.
Endure! Persevere! You are not alone!

Fallen down, bruised and broken,
This path we walk sure aint jokin.
People crushing, pushing, shoving.
In their mind, only righteously loving.
Wounded souls, one, two, three.
He picks us up while we still bleed.
So look to Him who saw your fall,
And on the cross took it ALL.
For you to live, and abundantly so.
Now get on your feet and THANKFULLY go.

Peace and Love Warriors! Press on, Victory is YOURS!


In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace

Labor of Love

I labor not for wages.
I labor not for goods.
I labor not for fame,
For these are all the same.
I labor for Your goodness
I labor for your truth.
I labor to rejoice in You,
This, I certainly will do.
That my labor will not be vain
And that You may rejoice too.

Inspiration: Ecclesiastes 3: 9-15

In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace

Stand Therefore

I stand firm on the rock,
My salvation.
I shall not be greatly moved.
A storm may penetrate me,
Winds that are fiercly strong.
I may slip and fall,
But the rock shall catch me.
I will grip with suctioned hands.
Cling all the more, on the rock,
My salvation.
I shall not be greatly moved.

Inspired by: Psalm 62

In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace

Love for Fun

At my first ever writers conference, my major morning class instructor, author Bob Hostetler, encouraged us to keep the fun in our writing. He gave us a fifteen minute challenge. Here is my fifteen minute fun piece..enjoy 🙂

I feel strongly about love
Love shines bright like the stars
Stars are in the eyes of those in love
Love beckons those that are near
Near are the hearts, even when the bodies are far
Far off is the gaze of the lover
Lover of one and not of another
Another thing I love about love
Love makes you laugh and giggle
Giggle at simple things
Things that don’t matter when you’re in love
Love is about persons
Persons who thirst and hunger for more
More of the other

Other is the hate I have for love
Love makes me vomit
Vomit comes out when I see stars in the eyes
Eyes that hate seeing the holding of hands
Hands are made for work not for holding
Holding and dancing, I just want to barf
Barf in the ice cream sundae shared by two lovers
Lovers think that everything is so special
Special is the glare I give when I see
See two lovers anywhere near me.


In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace