Fear is the prison Jesus broke you out of

It’s time to get real. Real transparent. I pretend I have it all together. Sometimes I pretend so well that I think I could be in Hollywood getting paid millions. I’m tired of pretending. In fact, the pretending takes so much energy, that my passions take backseat to my acting gig.
Today, I’m going to admit to you, my readers, (thank you) that I often give up on things that take extended effort. I give up on things, that though I enjoy, I feel like I labor in vain. Hearing those thoughts projected make me laugh. If it brings joy, how can it be vain? Not to mention how temporal and deceptive feelings can be.
I can’t be alone in wanting to see my dreams achieved NOW. I can’t be the only person who expects to see the results I want when I want them. I know I can’t be the only one who has given up when this didn’t happen. Am I?!
I know that I’m not. My sister confirmed it. In our discussion we tried to understand why. Our greatest conclusion was a combination of fear and taking the easy road.
Whatever the reason, I want change. I want to keep pressing through the muck. I want to get as muddy as I need, to see my dreams, passions, and desires come to fruition. I want to fight Goliath. He is afterall not nearly as strong as he seems.
God wants to see our desires alive too. Who do you think put them in your heart? Could it be your Maker? I’m guessing so.
I feel like sometimes, ok mostly, I expect Him to do all the work. I want Him to completely and solely build my platform, and I want to enjoy the ride, completely pain free. He assures us His best, but if we’re giving up on Him, we can’t blame Him for less than best. I want to see things through. All the way to the end. What if the end was my very next exit?! Couldn’t I hold on and push through slightly further? I bet I could. I bet you could too.
I’m going to run with these desires of my heart. I’m going to face fears, tackle them down and run right past them. I’m going to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I’m going to work WITH Him, giving thanks always. The mud is what makes us stronger. God is on the sideline cheering us on by name, and sometimes even taking our hand, helping us up, and pushing us along.
So what is it your heart aches for? Don’t take the easy road. Easy isn’t victorious. Fight hard and don’t quit. Your dream is just around the corner. 


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