Surrenders Victory

The pit. Most of us have dwelt there. We’ve been experts at making it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. The pit however, continues to sink deeper until we can no longer dig our way to beauty. We’re pitted in the ashes of our choices, as well as, choices of others. How do we ever get out of the pit? Surrender.
Complete surrender. That place where we are broken down to raw bones. Our eyes can see, at last, the foolishness we selfishly chose to live in. Our eyes finally see that we are chosen, and not for a pit but for a great purpose. The purpose is not destructive but edifying and full of love. Not love as the world knows love. Love that is pure, holy, selfless.
I’m so thankful to witness Gods powerful deliverance from the pit within members of my own family.


This is my brother and his precious children. (Yes, that’s me in there also.) My brother made himself a beautiful pit..which easily allowed others to hold him there. But my brother surrendered. He confessed his sin, his weakness. He gave his life to the only One who can give life, and more abundantly. Robert is witness of Romans 12:2. While once he was conformed and reconciled to the world, he is now transformed. His mind renewed. He is committed to the will of the One who made him. It is evident in his words, his deeds, his fruits. He is the healthiest, strongest, and most peace filled I’ve ever known or seen him to be. It radiates out of him. He has chosen victory and life. No bondage will enslave him..his faith has set him free. His eyes are fixed on the call. Praising God in all His goodness forever and ever. Amen.

In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace


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