Little Star

The object is to win. Right? That was my mentality as I sat down at the Candy Land board to play with my two boys.
My youngest, 3-year-old Caleb, was seeking something else. He was focused on the little star space of the game. He desperately wanted to get that card so he could move there, “Cause that’s my favorite name.”
He was approaching that space quickly, in fact, he landed on the yellow space just ahead of it. When the next card he drew took him past “the little star” he moaned aloud. I quickly reminded him he could still get the card, he would just have to go backwards. He started cheering, “Oh, oh, I hope I get it, I really hope I get it.” I asked him, “Caleb, is it more important to you that you get the little star, or that you win?” His reply melted me, “Get the star.”
When Caleb’s very next turn came “the little star” card was waiting for him. He got it. He did go backwards,  slightly, but it was joyous to him, and also to me. I asked him, “Who calls you that name, Little Star?” In all his preciousness he responded, “You, of course.”
How short and misplaced our focus can be. Ahh, but for the wisdom from a child.
My focus today is to “Become as little children.” (Matthew 18:3)
Thank you my Little Star.

In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace


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