Love for Fun

At my first ever writers conference, my major morning class instructor, author Bob Hostetler, encouraged us to keep the fun in our writing. He gave us a fifteen minute challenge. Here is my fifteen minute fun piece..enjoy 🙂

I feel strongly about love
Love shines bright like the stars
Stars are in the eyes of those in love
Love beckons those that are near
Near are the hearts, even when the bodies are far
Far off is the gaze of the lover
Lover of one and not of another
Another thing I love about love
Love makes you laugh and giggle
Giggle at simple things
Things that don’t matter when you’re in love
Love is about persons
Persons who thirst and hunger for more
More of the other

Other is the hate I have for love
Love makes me vomit
Vomit comes out when I see stars in the eyes
Eyes that hate seeing the holding of hands
Hands are made for work not for holding
Holding and dancing, I just want to barf
Barf in the ice cream sundae shared by two lovers
Lovers think that everything is so special
Special is the glare I give when I see
See two lovers anywhere near me.


In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace


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