My first mission..

Can you imagine fighting rats for thrown-out scraps of food? Can you imagine lying down at night in a bug-infested bed? Can you imagine having to sift through trash for goods to use, or sell in order to survive? Can you imagine having to consider selling your children into prostitution in exchange for living necessities and resources? These unfathomable things are an everyday reality for those living in “La Chureca” or “The Dump” of Managua, Nicaragua.
The youth group of Glad Tidings church will be heading to Nicaragua on their 4th mission, July 13th-20th. This mission group, called Earthen Fire, will be working together with Forward Edge, a Christian outreach organization, at a devlopment established to care for young girls called Villa Esparanza, or Village of hope. Village Esparanza removes at risk, vulnerable, exploited and endangered girls out of extreme poverty, providing for them adequate shelter, nourishment, clothing, and Christian guidance. Those are all the same things we expect and provide for our own children. Villa Esperanza works in agreement with the girls’ parents in order to bring them hope for a better life. All funding for these precious children comes from sponsorship much like that of Compassion International.
It is Earthen Fires’ goal to assist Forward Edge at the Village of Hope in any way which is deemed necessary. We servants may be asked to provide manual labor, care for the girls, work with other children outside of the villa, or help the local church. It is our great honor and joy to do so.
I have been quite blessed with this grand opportunity to join this awesome youth group on their 4th mission. I have been humbled that God has loved me so greatly to honor the desires of my heart. He has boldly combined my passion for missions travel with my tender heart for His young daughters. Having once been a young daughter with dim hope, He revealed His resurrection power to me. I believe firmly that when we ourselves have been granted such a precious gift, we have an obligation to share it with others. A gift cannot multiply unless it is shared. I am honored and humbled to be called forth to bear witness of the great and awesome saving power of Christ, my Lord, who is able to take a dim flame of hope and make it a torch!
I expect to leave Managua, Nicaragua, to leave Villa Esparanza, having received more than I gave. I expect to leave having formed special bonds with God’s beautiful daughter’s that will last for eternity. I expect to leave Managua, Nicaragua with unfailing gratitude. Will you please join me on this journey? I humbly and graciously ask for a financial contribution, a sponsorship of my own. I have yet to raise approximately $1300, which includes funds for service projects while there. I humbly and graciously ask for your prayers! I send an abundance of thanks for blessing me, understanding that anything and everything is a rewarding help!
For more information on how to help, send me an e-mail, or private message. Also feel free to check out Forward Edge International at Thank you again, in advance for your love, prayer, and generosity.

In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace


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