Glory to God

I love when I awake early in the morning and the first words that run through my head are music lyrics. This morning, the first words my brain processed were “Our God is able.”
You see, like any other human being, life presses in all around, attempting to fill my brain with worry, fear, anxiety. My walk has taught me to capture those thoughts, and be an optimist. I fall sometimes. I’m human. But, there’s always this strength. I can’t see it. Can’t touch it. No, my senses can’t identify it. Yet, it makes itself known.
After I sing my morning song, I roll on my bed to bow on my knees in praise and thanks for a brand new day. I confess that I know He is able, applying His ableness to my current, and temporary, earthly worries that try to possess my thinking. Like every other morning, I start the brew and fit in a quick morning tone-stretch-pick me up. (I’m not sure you can call it a workout when it only takes as long as it does for the coffee to brew.) I then take my fresh cup of joe to my recliner for my morning devotions.
I always start with an old, and very special book. A 21st birthday gift from my beautiful and inspiring cousin, Mia. (2001 old. I said the book is old.) It’s called Grace for the Moment by, Max Lucado. The scripture is Jude 24. He used the NCV, which reads, God is strong and can help you not to fall.
I’m intrigued. I woke with “He is able” and my first devotion follows with, “He is strong.” My intrigue encourages me to open my bible, NKJV, to Jude 24. This version reads, Now to Him who is able…
An answer. An encouragement. A note of faithfullness. A love letter from God Himself, who IS able!

In love and trust in Him, Samantha Grace


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