Through His power all things were made-things in heaven and on earth, seen and unseen.
Colossians 1:16
I love rising early in the morning, taking an aromatic cup of coffee, my oh so Holy Bible, and my journal that’s full of encouraging reminders and deep thoughts, to my back porch, where I sit and look out over the acres of trees, flowers, hills, birds, and sun. The setting inspires me to write poetry, and cry out in Praise to its creator.
My latest written morning praise:
I Love
Morning dew kissing grass.
Bright rising sun hugging trees.
Roosters crowing while babies sleep.
Coffee filled cup, Bible in lap.
Owls whooing inquisitively.
Love songs sung by perching birds.
Buzzing bees flirting with flowers.
All of nature lavishing me in love.
Blessed is the morning and those that are in it.

After reading my morning devotion, (scripture from above) I pondered how easy it was for me to see the beauty in God’s creation, I do after all write about it frequently. But my Father, who intends to grow me into His perfection, revealed to me, “Not all of My creation.”
I don’t understand.
“Well perhaps you should look into a mirror.”
His glory revealed, both in His conviction and in the mirror. I have never been inspired to write about the glory of His creation that is me. His daughter. His beloved. His chosen. His workmanship. Created in His own image.
I have stood in a mirror and complained about my nose, the notch in my ear, the thighs too big, all these gray hairs.
It’s time to look in the mirror and shout praise! Give thanks.
I know I am not alone in this. So I encourage all of you preciously, lovingly, handcrafted beauties to stop what you’re doing. Go look in the mirror and profess..”I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Beautiful! Made in the Image of the magnificent Creator Himself, and called good!”
Give yourself some credit today, and God too!
Abba, Father, how wonderful You are. You have surrounded me with your beautiful creation as a reminder that I also am Your beautiful creation. You even took special care to create me in Your image! I am so blessed, so highly favored. I give You honor, praise, much glory, and SINCERE THANKS to be who I am. You have made a masterpiece in me. I humbly thank and LOVE You, and I also LOVE ME!!

Scripture Referrals:
Colossians 1:16, Genesis 1:26, Psalm 139:14, Ephesians 2:10


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