The roar of a Lioness I profess,
But inside, something of a cowardice.

My heart is weak.
It’s true strength I seek.

I’ve let man tell me who I am,
When I should have listened to the soft voice of the Lamb.

He knew me before creation.
But there’s been this infatuation.

To men who use me like tools,
My fleshly desires making me a fool.

Nothing’s been gained in these games that we play.
Can the Lamb see me when I’m so far astray?

Home is the only place my soul wants to go.
I’ve heard that you reap what you sow.

It’s my eyes, I can see!
See straight through me.

Who’s that girl that’s crying?
I’m high above her now, flying.

She looks so sad,
Missing her dad.

As she cries her chest heaves in pain,
I can read her mind, wishing she were slain.

Wait, that’s me,
Those crying eyes that I see.

Someone behind me, holding me.
Someone breaking chains and setting me free.

It’s not my dad, but my Father.
To Him, I am no bother.

A precious child,
Pure, radiant, and undefiled.

From high above, transformation to peace.
The crying girl, answered prayer, she seems deceased.

Made into someone brand new.
Beautiful, cheerful, stuck to her Father like glue.

Laughing, Dancing, Singing, Praising.
These revealed, made anew, so amazing.

I realize now from above,
We are ALL made in PURE LOVE!

When we focus our eyes on God alone,
We can’t weep, cry, or moan,

Except in thanks, for love and grace.
It is then we can see our true face.

broken chains
Break your chains, my friends, break your chains!


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