A cry, a Prayer, a plea, from me…

Do I not cry out, “Open my eyes, my Lord!”
“Make them to see, oh my Lord!”
I cry out, and for how long must I do so?!
I ask and I cry,
“Show me through your eyes, oh my Lord.”
But all I can see with these eyes, oh my Lord,
Is pain and deceit, and a whole other big world that cries out too.
Where oh Lord, should I say that You are?!
You’re alive in me, oh my Lord,
So why then is it so hard to see?
I’ve asked and I’ve cried, oh my Lord.
It’s when I close my eyes and I close my mouth,
I sit down and listen for You, oh my Lord.
I wait until I hear, and You cry to me,
“Oh my child, are you afraid to see?!”
“Please my child, open your eyes for Me!”


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