Love is all we need..

I have recently been inspired by the number of people I talk to, who profess the love they hold for an individual, and in the same confession, give fear their authority. And so, love hides and fear abides. I have read that, “perfect love casts out all fear”. And I have been told to “Pursue love”. I have, with this inspiration, written the following:

The truth seems so far from me.

My heart speaks loud, and so I listen.

But my truth doesn’t match yours.

You tell me, “This too shall pass.”

But, why should we let it?

If you knew the same, would you stay?

Stay here with me!

Don’t let love pass.

I’m healed and protected,

no more walking on glass.

I have been set free,

unleashed, by all but your love.

And the way you love my body,

it weighs me down.

Our eyes meet on the dance floor,

it’s just you and I.

You’re already “tagged”

but she’s not around.

I know that I want you,

I feel it all over.

But the rules of the world

bind me once more.

My pearl was cast to the swine

in the front seat of my car.

How did these lies make it so far?

You’re not who you seem,

but then neither am I.

So let’s just sit back

and let love pass by.

I’m healed and protected,

no more walking on glass.

Unleashed, by all but your love.

But, “this too shall pass.”

-Samantha Grace

My encouragement, is to cast all fear and understanding to Him who is Greater! You have already been set free, you simply have to receive! Follow you inner voice, not the voices of the crowd who stand just outside of the truth you hold in your heart. Maintain your faith, steadfastly pursuing love. We are made in His image. He IS LOVE. Our purpose then, is to LOVE! See it, believe it, receive it, BE IT!!! LOVE!imagesCAGZCBCG

Scripture readings: 1 John 4:18, 1 Corinthians 14:1


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