Fragile and Beautiful…


Yesterday morning I took a short jog along the shore of Corolla, North Carolina. The wild waves were roaring, birds hunted their morning grub all around me, and the rays of the sun shone brightly from behind the leftover morning clouds. With the soft wet sand under my feet, I practiced yoga, giving thanks for my surroundings. Meditating on the beauty around me, I patiently awaited the presence of the full sun. The great source of heat and light shone itself so powerfully over the water, and it was time to start heading back to the beach house.

This time I walked slowly, worshipping with song. Seashells called to me with their beauty and uniqueness. I collected those that really caught my eye, and each one had a name on it. Like the blue colored shell that cried out, “Deegan.” Which he indeed loved.

I came upon a rather large shell. It’s color and design, absolutely brilliant. This one was for me. I noticed however, that it had a couple breaks. It was a rather fragile shell. Still the beauty of it…divine. After a few more seconds of awe, I dropped the shell back onto the sand and decided I would look for one that was not broken. Ya know, that perfect shell.

My spirit immediately reminded me, “You have been broken,  I still love and keep you.” Oh my! How true indeed. I am so broken, so imperfect, yet so loved. I am a continuous work of repair, being made more holy everyday, yet already seen through my Father’s eyes as perfect!

I waited for the waves to run back out to sea, so that I could pick the shell back up. It was mine. As I quickly reached down, I broke it in half. It seemed even more fragile than I had initially given credit. The same as me, fragile..fragile and beautiful. The same as you too!

My hope and encouragement this morning is to see the divine fragility and beauty in all things. We were ALL made perfect in the eyes of our Father. As we go on our journeys today, can we look at ALL things, ALL people, through the eyes of our Father? Let’s remove our shallow sight and see the bigger picture. Take a look through the eyes of the Creator!

For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy. Hebrews 10:14 NLT


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