Adventure to the unknown..

Sunday, after returning to my home church, the confirmation in the word spoken through my pastor relieved any doubt that my obedience and faith would lead to the impossible made possible. A 75 year old Abraham went out into the unknown with quite a bit more than my car load. He did it on foot, and in significant heat, not air conditioning. He was obedient and faithful. Both things I have sought to be in my journey.

I join Abraham in venturing out to the unknown. Some have called me crazy, and others brave. I call me favored. I may have joined a statisticImage of the homeless, but I receive the blessing as an answered prayer. You see, I prayed for a home in the country and that is EXACTLY what I got. The country belongs to me and my boys for the next two months. My boys are favored to experience for themselves that while the world looks SUPER BIG, it’s actually quite small. I want to let them experience that we, the human race, may look different, but that in actuality we are all one.

I get to camp, meet new people, see new places, enjoy America’s amusement parks (free of charge), I get to visit friends and family, I get to write, everyday..The greatest of this..I get to share it with my two babies! The unknown can seem frightening, especially to an obsessive compulsive planner. This inner light that I have inherited, and not by good behavior by the way, has allowed, no…encouraged me to see the joy in the unknown.

In three days I will be in Maine, dancing by the bay to Mumford and Sons, as well as some other great bands. In five days, I will be departing to New Hampshire for some great play and unity with my children. The unknown looks overwhelmingly joyous. The adventure begins today, and I am consumed with thanks!

May all who read this embrace the unknown, giving praise in ALL things, BELIEVING that the greatest things are YOURS!!! Enjoy your journey! I AM!

I peacefully lay behind my past, and embrace, with arms wide open, each moment here on.


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