Write a Masterpiece..He did!


The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. ~Muriel Rukeyser

As I sit in my meditation room/office/bathroom, and praise the creator, I give great thanks for the day. I’m blessed with revelation of the multitude of people that I am able to witness birth new life. And I am not talking about child birth. I am talking about, my sister, facing a fear as she rides an airplane to a Mary Kay Conference in Dallas, Texas. Dallas also happens to be the hometown of her favorite sports team. She so boldly represents her love with a tattoo of  the big blue star on her neck! She probably would never have thought she would end up a successful business woman. She is blessed with a sexy and supportive husband who holds her hand every single step, EVERY SINGLE STEP, of the way. Sounds like the Big Man that holds her other hand, just saying. She’s faced her fear of faith as well. She conquered, of course. But she’s birthing new life, and it’s beautiful to witness.

Another friend is being blessed with both child birth and new life in her as well. She has graduated from a very intense massage program at Ithaca School of Massage, and she’s done it with a beautifully and large growing belly. The school is a beautiful place to receive a passionate massage. Who’s more dedicated than the student? Another friend of mine is leaving an abusive relationship and defusing a marriage. This beautiful and young girl is stepping into her new home, even as I write. She is doing it with a very beautiful and young baby girl. She is titanium. My ever faithful and spiritual best friend is being blessed in her marriage and is blossoming in her ministry. Distant friends, acquaintances, family…all being SO blessed.

I am nothing short of many blessings. I recognize that I am blessed in the great blessings of others. There are significant changes happening in my life right now. Although the next step is hidden in the darkness, I above ALL take the shield of faith, KNOWING that NO weapon formed against me, or my offspring, will prosper!! I CAN and WILL take step after step, and I WILL do it WITHOUT fear. For I have replaced my fear with joy, praise, and peace!! That change has ignited a flame that will light even the darkest tunnels. This is such an awesome journey.

There are so many bridges to cross. It sure seems hard to release some things that remain behind on the other side. But I don’t see why, if I were to leave them with all of my love and blessings, why I won’t see them again one day. We’re all one in body. ALL…ONE!

You’ve got the keys, but the door is never locked. Just walk right in!

Today, my prayers are with Willie Watson who is playing for his dancing dad at Grassroots. How cool to play on the stage in front of so many who love you!? Truly awesome!! Let that spirit of Willie’s anoint EVERY person who walks  into that fairground, and let it radiate through our communities, and to our tourists who will take it home with them!! Dance on Grassroots!!

All rights to the picture above belong to, Emer Smith! Thank you for the shot!


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