Sing a new song!!



As the majority of women in this country read the trilogy, 50 shades of gray, I read the book Night, by Elie Wiesel. (Maybe why I’m still single?) Mr. Wiesel is the well deserved recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1986. He is also a survivor of one of the most atrocious, inhumane, grotesque crimes committed against humanity, the Holocaust.

Mr. Wiesel found himself in situations that this generation finds unfathomable, which is all the more reason to keep stories like his alive. His family had to pack their entire lives into one bag. That bag had to include food, for four. No one knew where they were going or for how long. He was separated from his mother and sister almost immediately. Pushed into a cattle car full of 79 other people, Mr. Wiesel was forced to relieve himself in the corner. This is where all those others went also.

If you read the book, which you should, you can learn what else happened to this superhero. What I have described above happened within the first chapters. The part of the book I want to share comes in the foreword.

Mr. Wiesel recalls the moment in time that he was forced to witness the hanging of a child. He was only a child himself, wondering where the God he dedicated himself to was. Today that same child declares the Glory of God. In his foreword he admits his belief, “And I, who believe that God is love..”.

A man who has lived the unfathomable, who has witnessed “darkness and evil” at it’s very core, and as just a CHILD, still identifies God’s goodness. How? He turned “what had been a stumbling block” for many, into a “cornerstone” for himself. He praised God in ALL things. He may have been angry at times, and cursed God, but his heart always held Him.

It is so easy for this generation of divas to curse God. We want everything our heart desires, we want it now, and we don’t want to have to suffer for it. I watched a woman throw a FIT yesterday because her appointment was, at some point, by someone, mixed up. She was sent away with a new date and no service. She was incredibly rude to the woman who remained patient and kind behind the desk. At least half a dozen children, including two of mine, witnessed this woman reply to a warm “thank you” with a cold shoulder and the words “you’re not welcome” spit back in anger.

I’m sure the confusion was a bit of an inconvenience, but the way she reacted were as though life were over. If we’re living and breathing, we should be praising the Lord. Things may be hard at times, but they are NOTHING compared to what it could be. Bitching, moaning, complaining, cursing, are not going to alleviate the situation. Why not make a choice to sing instead!?

We live in a world of imperfect people, all of which have their own hearts desires. Can we be patient and kind while we live here? Imagine if we made a choice, each one of us for ourselves, to be patient and kind, in ALL things. Our impatience and rudeness get us nowhere. Where could patience and kindness take us?

God is love. Love is patient. Love is kind. When I choose to sing instead of curse, I choose life instead of death. Anything but praise, is death of the soul. SING!!! OVERCOME!! You CAN do it!!

Bus as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. Psalm 71:14


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