Hold fast to the happy heart and cheerful face.


A happy heart makes the face cheerful,

but heartache crushes the spirit. 

Proverbs 15:13

Yesterday afternoon I was privileged enough to spend some time with family that I don’t see often enough. Softball has always been a large source of fun for my family. The lineup of games yesterday put two of my cousins (brother and sister) up against one another. The team my cousin Shannon plays for usually wins the series, having gone undefeated.  They have quite an incredible team.

I saw many other familiar faces and it brought great joy to see them as well. But there was a face that could hardly look at me. The face of a girl I love so dearly. The face of a girl I once called sister and best friend. There was no warm embrace, no reminiscing, in fact, there wasn’t really any friendliness. My heart hurt. It hurt all night, and it hurt this morning.

I have no idea what happened in this relationship to feel estranged to the point I did. I know I am not a perfect friend. I know I don’t make proper time to spend with each of the people my life has so been blessed by. But, I also know I never would intentionally hurt someone I loved. My heart broke, and my heartache indeed crushed my spirit.

But after filling my spirit with the fruitful word of the gospel, my spirit is more free. My heart is happy once again.

I know I will not ever please every one of my friends. I know that I am human and have major faults. I know that I will never live up to any-ones standards. But, I do know that I was so blessed to spend a good majority of my life with this beautiful person. I do know that my heart, in-spite of theirs, holds love and prayers for them. I do know that if they were to call me tomorrow in need of anything I could offer them, it would be theirs. I do know that life takes us down different roads, and the friends who hold love in their heart, will freely share it no matter what the past holds.

Today my encouragement is to forgive yourself and to forgive others. So to my friend, I ask your forgiveness in whatever it is I may have done to hurt you. I ask that you remember, I love you. And for myself, I forgive my past mistakes. I am not perfect. I choose to live in forgiveness which offers freedom, and joy. I will not be bonded by the past, or the people in it. I move forward each day, knowing that it is brand new, and I move forward in love, peace, and happiness. May all of you reading this be encouraged to move forward in those same fruits. Have a cheerful day!

Happiness is not a destination but a day-by-day journey..My dog days are gone!


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