A prayer for unity..

Philippians 3:2 (NKJV)  Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation!

This morning as I sit in my office, which is my bathtub, and listen to my boys laugh and scream at the dirt bikes they are controlling on the television, I find myself praying for this country. This country, as great as we may claim it to be, is atrocious.

I held the hand of each of my two boys as we walked into the local Walmart yesterday, completing our weeks errands. We needed two small items, and knew right where to go. It was an in and out trip. I can’t remember the last time I have stepped into a Walmart. My eyes got very excited and charged all around the immediate scenery. The pharmacy was closed. A female worker restocked the shelves. A man found his need and turned to dart to checkout. He walked quickly as though on a mission.

My eyes seemed to focus in on that individual. Perhaps that was because he seemed to zone in on me and my yoga pants, if ya know what I mean. He sure seemed to appreciate them as much as I did, but for entirely different reasons. I looked away in awe of his boldness and kept walking. After a brief shaking of the head, I turned to give him one more glance.

He had stopped abruptly, stepped slightly in the next aisle and reached in his pants pocket to pull out a cell phone. He pulled it out, turned it on, and began walking slowly back past the aisle he had just left so quickly. Looking down each aisle, slowly continuing on, phone in hand he looked up to the next aisle and looked straight in my eyes.

The words that came out of my mouth, at that very moment when our two eyes met, were not my own, but they said, “Dude, don’t even think about it.” He pulled his phone back down by his side and took a step backwards, and so did I. I turned with my boys and walked away, without looking back this time.

Paranoid? No. I have had it happen before at another store in my area. The man in this instance pulled his truck directly behind me in the parking lot. He held a phone to his ear as though he was talking. I went on to bend in the car to get my youngest son out of the car, and that feeling you get inside, “the know-er”, I call it the Holy Spirit filling me with discerning of spirits, was about to blow me over. I shot upright, pulled the back of my pants up uncomfortably and asked if I could help him with something. He didn’t have to turn his head, he was already looking at me, and replied “No, I’m just talking to somebody.” He pointed to the phone as if to convince me.

I, trying to be more thoughtful, finish taking my son out of the car. After closing the door and crossing in the front of my car, to take my other son out, he finished his call and pulled away quickly. This also isn’t isolated. But, I think I have made my point. The parking lot incident is the first time I felt aware of that spirit in a public place. People had always asked me, “Did you see that guy STARING at you?!” I paid no attention. But for the first time, my eyes were opened. I’m very thankful, however inappropriate.

I mentioned this concerning incident to some of the people closest to me. One, a male, was shocked that I seemed such. He went on to tell me how men use cell phones, cameras, and gather sophisticated shots of women while they shop. They are inspired by the money or hits they can get on the Internet, or other personal satisfactions. It’s like a competition. There are men who have made it such a career that they have invested money in cameras that are laced into their shoes. They follow the pretty girl wearing the short skirt to the checkout line and record the perfect shot. I Think about how people stand so close in checkout lines. It’s like they have all their food, now they’re in a hurry to go eat it. So they push all up on you as a means to hurry the checkout process along. I have wanted to look at some people and request; “Space, please.”

The degree of sexual abuse in this country is staggering. I can’t believe I was most naive to believe that if sexual abuse was occurring in families, it was also out there in the grocery stores. It’s everywhere we turn. Including Imagethe representatives of this country. Our laws against such offenders, the most likely to re-offend by the way, are very lenient. Most often the violators are released back to the victims. Let me tell you, the violators are also much more free in the community than the victims.

I encourage men and women alike to stand up against the predators of this world. Stand united in respecting and loving each beautiful creation, which includes the human body. Be aware that sexual abuse IS all around us, and ignoring it will only nourish the roots. We need to stand united to uproot this toxic, destructive, soul killing disease that is growing around the lives of us all!


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